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Updated Thursday, October 06, 2016 . . .

My latest shipment is fully posted to my Facebook business page and here on my website (see the Quick Links below). I've started assembling my next shipment. In September, my supplier set aside a bunch of burl for me. He just finished another successful trip 10/3 and I expect to see photos to choose from the week of 10/10. Stay tuned to my Facebook page where I'll post pictures first. Once posted, they are available for pre-sale.

Spectacular Red River Gum Burl

35 x 34 x 14"



Concinna Burl Page 13

Corrugata Burl Page 34

Gimlet Burl Page 18

Red Morrel Burl Page 24

Salmon Gum Burl Page 13

Salt Gum Burl

Vasticola Burl Page 18

York Gum Burl Page 18

Yorrel Burl Page 16

Small-Medium Burl Slabs

Large Slabs and Table Bases Page

Burl Table Bases Current Inventory

60" 600 kg Red River Gum (Pre-SOLD) being re-crated and shipped to the buyer


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Photo of my work I took for a profile I was asked to do for Woodturning magazine


I am selling the Jet Bandsaw and 2244 Sander Rolls pictured in the thumbnails above


If you don't follow my Facebook page, you should . . . Just click on the banner above. Because I can do so quickly from the iPhone attached to my hip, it's there that I first post new shipments and burls that I'm cutting. Both COMING SOON shipments to my Facebook Page

I have trimmed a LOT of the Brown and Red Mallee cut faces and will continue photographing and posting to "fill in the blanks" as time permits.  Please bear with me. Fulfilling orders takes precedence over catching up.


Please see important notes and useful information in my blog that follow. . . keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling . . .

Red Mallee Burl Slab

36 x 18 x 2-7/8"

$1000 (SOLD)

(including sanding to 220 grit)

Scroll down for page links (tabs) for individual burl species, Aussie hardwoods, cut blocks, pool cue blanks, gun grip and knife block/scale stock, slabs, table bases, etc.

Updated Thursday, October 06, 2016 . . .

If you only care to view burls that are currently available (and not pieces that are SOLD), please click on the CURRENT INVENTORY link for each species listed above or HERE for a Current Inventory Directory




Sample pics of my AUG 2012 Shipment


Lace Sheoak and Birdseye Lace Sheoak Figure

ATTENTION CLUB MEMBERS!!! . . . my FREE SHIPPING OFFER applies for clubs as well as individuals and businesses. 


Lots of pieces and pictures added to the Pool Cue and Turning Squares, Cut Blocks Page 10, Fly Reel Seats and Knife Blocks, Scales and Gun Grips Pages . . . and more to photograph and post.

Scroll down past the pictures below to the tabs for the individual burl page tabs

Spectacular Bimblebox Slabs cut for Cue Blanks SOLD

York Gum Burl

Red Mallee Burl SOLD

Red Mallee Burl SOLD

Latest shipment - January 2011 - pictures start on Red Mallee Burl Page 15 (thru Page 26) and Yellow Box Burl Page 3



Black Gidgee  SOLD



Be sure to check the SPECIALS

Also, be sure to see (and check back frequently) the COMING SOON page to see some of the spectacular Aussie Burls/Hardwoods on hold for me with my suppliers an/or coming soon. All items on the COMING SOON page are available for Pre-Sale with no money down. 


Part of my more than 3,500 lbs of Easter Weekend 2008 Shipments (and my Packer/Shipper)


        Elmo turning photo courtesy of Robert Pastel     

Hi! Welcome to Elmo's World . . . Elmo's so happy to see you  . . . Guess what Elmo's thinking about today . . . Ya ta ta ta . . .

BURLS!!!  Mmm Hmm . . . Australian Burls!!!


About JimBusiness PoliciesOrdering/PaymentShipping

So I don't waste your time, I update this website as pieces are sold to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible

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Updated Thursday, October 06, 2016 . . .

Please See Important Notes Below (after the quotes). . .


*On Domestic Website Orders (Continental US) over $350

10% off International and Hawaii/Alaska Orders over $350 (in lieu of free shipping)


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