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Ordering and Payment



I have a legitimate reason for maintaining older pages even if all items on a particular page have been sold. If you prefer not to go through every page and see a lot of SOLD indications, please click on the CURRENT INVENTORY links (listed on Page 1 for most burl species). CURRENT INVENTORY PAGES have a teal green background and list only those burls I currently have in stock for that species. As a general rule, I also try to list at the top of most individual pages which burls are still available or if all burls on that page have been sold. 


Ordering is easy.  Being self-employed, I work 7 days a week, and during the few hours that I sleep, I'm usually thinking about business. You can email me your order at either jsyvertsen@cox.net or jimsyvertsen@gmail.com. My iPhone is usually attached to my hip so I can respond quickly. You're also welcome to call me at 757.816.5622 between 7 AM and 11 PM EST if you'd like to discuss some piece(s).  I may not always hear or be able to answer the phone,  but if you'll leave a voicemail, I will promptly return your call.  Of course, if you'd like to visit me in Chesapeake, Virginia to see what I have in person, simply call me at 757.816.5622 for directions and to arrange a time.


To be as efficient as possible, I obtain pictures from my supplier to post shipments for viewing and pre-sale while burls are on hold for order assembly and in transit to me.  I do not take money up front.  If you would like me to put your name on a burl(s), i.e., pre-sell, it is an agreement between us.  Payment will be due in full when I receive the shipment,  have your order assembled for shipment, and email your invoice. Paying over time, or at a later date after arrival and processing, requires my advance authorization. I reserve the right to sell any pre-ordered items a customer is unprepared to pay for upon my receipt and processing of said pre-order and further, to revoke subsequent shipment pre-order privileges for any customers who've not advised me well in advance of their inability to pay.


When I first started this business, I offered a 10% discount to first-time website buyers. I've discontinued that policy, choosing instead to offer an opportunity for all customers - including first-time buyers - to benefit from a discount.

I will ship orders for more than $350 for FREE* within the Continental US

*AK/HI and International customers, I will discount orders over $350 by 10% (in lieu of free shipping)

*For large orders requiring shipping by freight (UPS or YRC), please provide a business address with loading dock or be willing to (a) pickup the shipment yourself at the local YRC/UPS Freight terminal or (b) pay the RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY and LIFT GATE fees. My FREE SHIPPING offer is from terminal to terminal. It does not include RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY or LIFT GATE fees.


As noted above, I am happy to offer FREE SHIPPING (or 10% discount for AK/HI and International buyers) for orders over $350.  I think it is a generous discount, available to everyone, and a mutually beneficial offer . . . hopefully eliminating your concern about the cost of shipping and helping me move more stock. Unfortunately, the shipping is not free for me, so I do not offer additional discounts.

Periodically, I do list special discounts on individual burls or groups of burls for limited periods the SPECIALS page.


As it stands currently (until our political leaders need additional revenue and change the current laws), there is a moratorium on sales tax on internet sales for out of state buyers. As you may also know, this is an evolving issue, and that there was talk of a total sales threshold ($1M) below which online sales tax for out of state customers is not required. I will abide by current requirements. Virginia residents who provide me with a copy of their state tax ID (ST-10) number and business license are also not subject to sales tax. I am required to charge VA residents without a valid ST-10 the normal 6% Virginia state sales tax. I do recommend you check your individual state laws regarding USE TAX when you file your annual state tax return.


You're the customer. Method of payment is your choice.  Payment is due when ordering (upon receipt of the e-invoice I send) - as specifically stated in the e-invoice notes - unless we have some other mutually agreeable advance arrangement.  A select few customers have chosen to wait until orders are received prior to paying me, in contradiction of the terms of sale. I will not ship future orders from customers who do so without advance payment.

Given a choice, my preferred method of payment is cash, check, wire transfer or money order.  They keep my costs down. But again, you're the customer - it's your choice.  I gladly accept, Visa, MC, Discover, PayPal (and now AMEX since I switched to SQUARE for my credit card processing. When paying by PayPal, simply click the click on the PayPal button in the e-invoice or send payment to my email address jsyvertsen@cox.net. If you wish to pay by check money order, wire transfer, I will still adhere to my personal standard of shipping most orders the same or next business day, trusting you will do likewise, i.e., please mail your payment the same or next business day rather than waiting for your shipment to arrive. 

When paying by check, please make the check payable to Jim Syvertsen (not AustralianBurls) and mail to me at 1013 Fairway Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320.

International Customers . . . I greatly value your business and because I recognize the expense of shipping I try to offset the cost to you by offering a 10% discount on orders over $350. I cannot, however, (and will not) lie to a federal agency - USPS - by declaring a shipment a gift and/or declaring the value to be negligible.  I am legally obligated to to report transactions as what they are - merchandise - and report the value.  Please do not ask me to do otherwise. 


These are challenging economic times.  What I sell is a commodity and I need to move a heck of a lot of stock to maintain positive cash flow and make a little profit.  I've allowed a few people to pay over time in the past and I am agreeable to a reasonable payment plan if it helps you get something you need or would really like and enables me to move stock. What I ask is that if you wish to pay over time, you stick to the plan we agree upon, or please let me know if you are unable to pay as planned and when you will be able to pay.