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Please read all important notes below including my FREE SHIPPING Policy


Unless I tell you otherwise, I endeavor to get all orders out the same/next business day.  When I receive a new shipment,  things get pretty hectic and I may be a bit slower than normal.  If I am away, I will package and ship your order the day I return.


This is a personal pet peeve and why I long ago stopped doing business with a lot of eBay sellers.  I will NEVER charge for handling or shipping supplies.  I do not profit in any way from shipping.  The cost of boxes, stretch wrap, peanuts, even pallets or custom crates, is, as it should be, my responsibility.


To keep shipping costs down for you and me, I do not insure packages for your purchase price. The insurance provided by USPS, FedEx, etc, may be less than the value of your order. I prefer to "insure your shipment" by packing properly, double boxing if necessary, and using strapping tape to cover all edges corners to "shipping company-proof" your order. If you still wish to have me purchase insurance, please let me know.  Coverage in addition to the standard shipping company coverage is the responsibility of the customer.

shipping services i use

Within the Continental US, I normally ship by UPS. For domestic shipments up to 150 lbs, and those going to HI/AK that exceed Parcel Post size restrictions or the 70 lb weight limit, UPS offers the best rates with my discount. If your order is more than 150 lbs, but I can divide it into multiple packages less than 150 lbs, I will likely ship by UPS multi-package shipment (MPS), unless UPS Freight or YRC (Yellow and Roadway merged) are less expensive.

For International shipments, I usually ship by USPS Priority Mail International or Priority Mail International Flat Rate because all charges are paid up front and it's generally a bit more economical. I will always check for the most economical shipping method. There are country dependent weight restrictions, as well as size restrictions - maximum length and girth of 108".

For Hawaii/Alaska shipments under 70 lbs, USPS Parcel Post is generally the least expensive though the shipping time can be 2 weeks or more.  I can also send small shipments by USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.  The most economical way to order if you reside in HI/AK is to have me ship cut blocks in a large Priority Mail FRB. I charge the current online prices.

For Hawaii/Alaska shipments over 70 lbs, I will use the least expensive carrier between UPS and YRC.

If your order is less than $350, I get excellent discounted rates with UPS. If USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate is an option for your order and cheaper for you, I will ship that way.  But in most cases, UPS will be the least expensive method.

For very large shipments that require palletizing/crating, I use either YRC (Yellow and Roadway merged) or UPS Freight and ship to the nearest terminal. My FREE SHIPPING offer below does NOT include RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY or LIFT GATE fees.  If you pick up yourself at your local terminal dock or if you are able to accept delivery at a business with a loading dock, there is no additional cost. Should a customer choose to have me ship a large order by freight to your residence, charges for RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY and LIFT GATE SERVICES are customer responsibility.

free shipping

When I first started this business, I offered a 10% discount to first-time website buyers. I've long since discontinued that policy, choosing instead to offer an opportunity for all customers - including first-time buyers - to benefit from a discount. 

I will ship orders for more than $350 for FREE* within the Continental US . . . to individuals, clubs or businesses.

*AK/HI and International customers, I will discount orders over $350 by 10% (in lieu of free shipping)

*For large orders requiring shipping by freight (UPS or YRC), please provide a business address with loading dock or be willing to (a) pickup the shipment yourself at the local YRC/UPSFreight terminal or (b) pay the RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY and LIFT GATE fees. My FREE SHIPPING offer does NOT include RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY or LIFT GATE fees.

canada/international shipping

I normally ship small packages by USPS to Canada and other countries. The base charges for Priority Mail International Flat Rate shipping vary by country (as specified on the USPS site) up to a usual limit of 20 lbs (varies by size box and country).  If, for example, I fill a Large FRB with pen blanks and the weight is 30 or more lbs, the cost will be higher than the published flat rate. I send larger orders by Priority Mail International, subject to size (108" combined length and girth) and country specific weight restrictions.

To the point, I will ship to you by the most economical means.


All wood I buy is fumigated before it leaves Australia. For international customers requiring documentation of treatment for Customs, I will provide an electronic or paper copy of the fumigation certificate (for the Australian Burls). I'll happily supply one with your commercial invoice if you so request. To date, I have had no issues with Customs clearance on international orders. If you reside in Canada*, your order must be re-fumigated (CFIA D-02-12 applies) if I am shipping cross-border to Canada by the same method I pay to have performed in Australia. If you choose to receive your order at a US address and transport across the border yourself, compliance with CFIA d-02-12 requirements is your responsibility. Fumigation must be performed at an approved USDA-APHIS approved facility within 30 days. Please read the note below:


*Note to Canadian Customers: Since 2009 when CFIA D-02-12 was issued, wood shipments from the US started being rejected at the border.  After many long "conversations" with CFIA, which maintained that as a re-exporter, a fumigation certificate was insufficient and that a phytosanitary certificate was required for non-tropical species , I was able to get CFIA to admit that a fumigation certificate, as specified in their governing directive, will indeed be accepted when shipping the wood I import to Canada.  IAW CFIA D-02-12 Section 2.1.1, "a Fumigation Certificate, in lieu of a Phytosanitary Certificate will be accepted from fumigation facilities recognized by USDA-APHIS."  However, I have to take the burls you select to a CFIA recognized (as specified by USDA) fumigation facility, which is a 50 mile roundtrip.  After fumigation and airing out for at least 24 hours, I again make the 50 mile trip to pickup your burls and obtain the requisite fumigation certificate.  Because of the business relationship I have with the fumigation facility, I am usually only charged the cost of the certificate, about $50 (or $150 for large orders).  In 2016, the minimum charge for fumigation was raised to $125 (my cost). While I have no control over the expense of shipping to Canada, I will do my part to minimize any additional cost to you, so I DO NOT charge for my time or the expense of two 50 mile trips - just the cost of re-fumigation and the certificate.