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Banksia Pods

Banksia Pods are only found in the SW corner of Western Australia, roughly in a region west of a line between Perth and Denmark.

Please read the notes below regarding sizes, Pricing and other pertinent information.

I received 37 Whopper Pods in the FEB 2017 shipment. They are $18 each. I am SOLD OUT If you purchase more than $350 worth, shipping is at my expensive (lower 48). If you have questions on size, please see the notes below . . .


I received 107 LARGE FAT pods in the FEB 2017 shipment. SOLD OUT

I received 117 Select Medium pods (like the one pictured below) in the SEP 2015 shipment. They are $12 each.  SOLD OUT

As of AUG 2013, I have fulfilled all Whopper Pod WAIT LIST requests


One of the Whoppers received 7 May 2010

Whoppers this size are VERY RARE


My littlest one modeling some Large Fat Banksia Pods



My eldest one working to earn dollars to buy more Apple stock for his college fund


WHOPPERS . . . $18 each. They range from 10" x 4" and on occasion - very rare occasions - I've seen them touch 16".  Historically, most of the WHOPPERS I get are between 10-12" in length, with a couple/few larger ones 13-15" and a few smaller but fatter (4' or more) than usual. It is extremely rare, however, to get a 15" pod like the one at the top of the page or below.

LARGE FAT . . . $15.  These are normally the largest category. Generally 8-10" x 3.5-4"


15 inch Whopper Pod

In 10 years, I've only seen a handful this large


$12 each



All orders filled

Photo courtesy of Larry Shaughnessy

Photo courtesy of Larry Shaughnessy


2 models I hired to show off some Whoppers