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Coolibah Burl

Page 4

CB-46 (Cut Blocks) are available on PAGE 4


Click on the link above if you only want to view burls currently available

Waltzing Matilda . . . "under the shade of the Coolibah tree"

More than 150 new Coolibah Burls from the DEC 2008 shipment starting on this Page


An extraordinary and ingenious work by Harvey Fein made from a burl I previously sold him and purchased by the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA. Below, a spectacular carving by Mike Mathieu


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Coolibah Burl Page 5

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CB-41 is $308 (SOLD)

A very rare cross breed or gummy Coolibah


CB-42 is $339 (SOLD)


CB-43 is $662 (SOLD)


CB-44 is $370 (SOLD)


CB-45 is $401 (SOLD)


A bit hard to see, but the whole exterior of the cap has curly figure and it is curly throghout . . . see pics below and the cut blocks on Cut Blocks Page 10 - Coolibah Cut Burl Blocks


CB-46 is $370 (CUT BLOCKS)

See Cut Blocks Page 10 - Coolibah Cut Burl Blocks


CB-47 is $293 (CUT BLOCKS)

She the pool cue blanks and 2 blocks cut from CB-47 below


$165 (SOLD)     $62 (SOLD)


CB-48 is $247 (SOLD)


CB-49 is $439 (SOLD)


CB-50 is $145 (SOLD)