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Orange-Eye York Gum Burl

6 more OEYG blocks in the OCT 2009 shipment

My supplier has never seen this before, so despite the expense, I jumped on it . . . yes, it is indeed more expensive (I paid more than double the price I paid for most other burls and 50% more than the most expensive SELECT GRADE red burl). While I normally price most burls at the same $/lb rate, this is priced higher.  Is it expensive? Yes, but to put it in perspective, you won't find the OEYG I have here anywhere else (that I know of) and it is less than half the price of DISCOUNTED Amboyna Burl, and, while Amboyna is certainly nice and smells great, it does not compare to most Australian Burls (and surely is not worth more than 4x the price).

Due to the tremendous interest in the OEYG, I'm posting the blocks unprocessed (raw form).  If they don't sell, I'll cut into smaller blocks . . . Personally, if I were buying, I'd rather cut myself.


OEYG-1 is $1,082 (SOLD)


OEYG-2 is $924 (SOLD)


OEYG-3 is $686 (SOLD)


OEYG-4 is $1,056 (SOLD)


OEYG-5 is $343 (SOLD)


OEYG-6 is $158 (SOLD)


OEYG-7 is $259 (SOLD)


OEYG-8 is $150 (SOLD)


OEYG-9 is $203 (SOLD)


 OEYG-10 is $82 (SOLD)

Block 1 is $17 (SOLD)


Block 2 is $44 (SOLD)

Block 3 is $39 (SOLD)

Block 4 is $39 (SOLD)


Block 5 is $88 (SOLD)

Block 6 is $21 (SOLD)