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Red Morrel Burl

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RM-233 is $477 (SOLD)

Cracks are shallow and will easily turn out whether turning a winged bowl, carving or cutting into blocks for multiple hollow forms

Ships for FREE in lower 48 or 10% off to AK/HI and internationally


RM-234 is $493 (SOLD)


RM-235 is $133 (SOLD)


RM-236 is $120 (SOLD)


RM-237 is $170 (SOLD)


RM-238 is $102 (SOLD)

This is the type of piece I would/will use for small and miniature pieces (if unsold). Depending on the sapwood/heartwood contrast, I would likely make one or two 5-6' diameter pieces and several 2-3" pieces.


RM-239 is $103 (SOLD)


RM-240 is $154 (SOLD)

This one will make a great winged bowl or carving


RM-241 is $151 (SOLD)


RM-242 is $185 (SOLD)


RM-243 is $85 (SOLD)


RM-244 is $170 (SOLD)

RM-245 is $324 (SOLD)


RM-246 is $85 (SOLD)


RM-247 is $231 (SLABBED)

A nice carver or candidate for multiple hollow forms an/or natural top vases

RM-248 is $262 (SOLD)


RM-249 is $231 (SOLD)

This one will make a great winged bowl or carving


RM-250 is $154 (SOLD)

Hard to visualize in a 2-D picture, but the depth and "topography" on the natural side of this burl will make a great hollow form with burgundy heartwood and whitish sapwood contrast


RM-251 is $231 (SOLD)


RM-252 is $139 (SOLD)

Again, perhaps not ideally shaped for a single piece, but very interesting to me for multiple pieces . . . a 7-8" saucer shaped piece from the left side of the natural side picture and multiple smaller forms


RM-253 is $154 (SOLD)


RM-254 is $143 (CUT)


RM-255 is $324 (CUT)


RM-256 is $185 (SOLD)

Another example of a non-ideally shaped piece I'd cut up to make multiple hollow forms or natural top vases


RM-257 is $143 (SOLD)


RM-258 is $74 (SOLD)


RM-259 is $148 (SOLD)


RM-260 is $68 (SOLD)


RM-261 is $68 (SOLD)


RM-262 is $163 (SOLD)


RM-263 is $153 (SLABBED)


RM-264 is $194 (SOLD)


RM-265 is $176 (SOLD)