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White Top Burl

(Eucalyptus Obliqua)

Page 1


Hollow Vessel with Tulipwood Finial I turned (SOLD) from WT-13

As of 4/08 I've terminated my dealings with my Tasmanian supplier Shane Dohnt for repeatedly failing to do as instructed by me as the buyer. So for the near term - until I establish a reliable source who sends what I want rather than a couple of nice ones mixed in with a bunch of half-rotten garbage he wants to get rid of - I will not be bringing in any White Top or Tasmanian Eucalyptus Burl


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White Top Burl Page 3

White Top Burl Page 4

White Top Burl Page 5

White Top Burl Page 6

White Top Burl Page 7

Not actually known as "white Top" Down Under, but Blue Leaf Eucalyptus Burl (resin vein). . . regardless of the name used to market, it's some gorgeous stuff  . . .


WT-01 is $397.09 (SOLD)    WT-02 is $287.10 (SOLD)

Above: WT03 thru 08 - see below for pricing 


WT-03 is 24x23x12 for $484 (CUT BLOCKS)


WT-04 is 23x23x12 for $413.60 (SOLD)


WT-05 is 22x21x9 for $334.40 (SOLD)


WT-06 is 25x22x9 for $325.60 (Turned)


WT-07 is 23x23x12 for $316.80 (CUT BLOCKS)   WT-08 is 18x18x8 for $237.60 (Turned)

. . . an last but surely not least


WT-09 (top and right) is ~ 26x26x14 for $1200 (SOLD)

WT-10 has been cut into large blocks . . . check the CUT BLOCKS page soon for easier to handle natural top cut blocks



I've recently cut up WT-10 into large blocks of 125 (SOLD), 105 (SOLD), 62 (SOLD), 60 (SOLD) and 40 (SOLD) lbs . . .

STUNNING BURL!!! - $4.00/lb