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Yellow Box Burl

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Yellow Box Burl Current Inventory

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Two (2) cut blocks from YB-37 (Cut Blocks Page 10) and YB-46 are available on PAGE 1

This is a very rare burl . . . The background on this page is from a yellow box burl I turned a few years ago. Yellow Box is among my favorites to turn because of the commonly spectacular birdseye figure and golden color.  As a bonus, it works easily for an Aussie Burl - sort of like Brown Mallee on workability and ease of sanding.


YB-37 is $616 (CUT BLOCKS)


YB-38 is $453 (SOLD)


YB-39 is $370 (SOLD)

A gummy one . . . I'll bet this is spectacular


YB-40 is $847 (SOLD)

This is going to make one awesome guitar


YB-41 is $758 (SOLD)

Yada yada yada . . . they don't get any better than this


YB-42 is $170 (SOLD)

You should have seen the color and figure after it it rained


YB-43 is $216 (SOLD)

Hard to decide on this one . . . Winged bowl or carving?


YB-44 is $145 (CUT)

I cut this one into 4 blocks and turned one myself . . . stunning color and fine birdseye.

Will post the other 3 blocks. I'll post a picture of the one I turned after I lacquer and finish the finial . . .


YB-45 is $71 (SOLD)


YB-46 is $40 (SOLD)