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Wood and Burl Sources             

Big Monk Lumber Company    Pete's as honest as they come and a great guy to do business with

Unique Mesquite    Harold's one of the nicest gentlemen you'll ever deal with and provides the best quality

Amazon Exotic Hardwoods    James Lie's a great guy with some fabulous exotics

Historical Woods of America    Bill Jewell's Site . . . You may have seen Bill on The New Yankee Workshop

William Wood-Write    Lots of great stuff from up north of the border

Dale The Burl Guy    One of the original large scale Aussie Burl importers, Dale deals mostly in domestics now

Gilmer Woods    Great variety of wood for all needs

All Righteous Woods     Some incredible stuff in their warehouse . . . visit if you're up north of Boston

Gondwana Forest Products . . . if you want to get RIPPED OFF and wait 4+ months for your shipments, call Shane Dohnt of Gondwana Forest Products . . . Naturally, being the dishonest bottom feeder he is, Shane will deny so, but just ask me for the pictures of the CRATE full of unsellable red and brown mallee he shipped (against my VERY SPECIFIC direction) . . . and the flat out visibly rotten/unusable burl (that I have not listed/will not list for sale). It takes a TREMENDOUS amount for me to negatively (and publicly) endorse someone. Shane deserves it. Dohnt Buy From Shane (Pun intended) . . . I'll provide details upon request if you're seriously considering buying from him. Is that really the best you can do Shane?  Block my email, threaten legal action by your Liar for Hire, and try to get other suppliers to cut me off and merchants to operate against me? Guess you're not laughing too much these days, huh DA?  I told you before Shane, this wouldn't be a fair fight if I tied half my brain behind my back. Oh, forgot, let me know if you need some mallees Sheila.

Other Woodturners

Kim Blatt

Myron Curtis

Johannes Michelsen

Woodturning Supplies

SSHC     Enerjoy radiant heat panels . . . check these out if you want to work in comfort in the dead of winter no matter where you live. The 2' x 8' x 1 inch thick panels weigh about 5 lbs, mount directly to the overhead of your workshop, run off 220V (or 110), have an available programmable thermostat (I have one, it's great quality, but I keep the temperature constant), and most importantly, are SAFE and INEXPENSIVE to operate.  I left mine on at a constant temperature of 78 degrees one weekend while it was in the low 20's outside . . . WOW! I had to turn it down to 72! I have 3 panels in my 16x20 workshop and usually leave the temperature at a constant setpoint . . . in the dead of winter, my electric bill increased about $35, not all of which was attributable to the panels.  You'll never have to worry about starting a fire again either (you can actually put your hand on them while operating and leave it there for a bit) . . . need I say more?  Richard Watkins is the man to speak to . . . COST?  Roughly $100 for the programmable thermostat, $220/panel and $150+ for shipping . . . I paid roughly $1,035 total.


Jamestown Distributors    They supply boat builders and lots of other merchants.  THE BEST QUALITY in woodworking and boat supplies including fasteners from silicon bronze to stainless that you won't find anywhere else . . .

Crafts Supplies USA

Robust    Brent English's revolutionary lathe

Best Wood Tools  Get one of these catalogs . . . talk to Vic about his great products 

The Sanding Glove    Bruce Hoover's Site . . . LOTS of great products!     Steve Worchester's Site . . . Sanding Disks and more . . . LOTS of great products for your sanding needs

Moffatt Light    The best light stand I've seen

TorneLignum      Ruth Niles' stainless bottle stoppers and more

Art/Craft Shows

Bonita Springs               

Boca Raton

Cherry Creek

Coconut Grove

Crafts America Shows


Port Clinton

St. Louis

St. James Court


Central Penn

Art/Craft Show Supplies

JTL Lighting Supply    Photography

Understanding White Balance    This will help you when taking photographs for slide images

Color Temperature    Again, this will help with adjusting the white balance of RAW images

Propanels    Booth Display, Pedestals and Accessories

Lighting4Art    Lighting for Your Booth

Replicolor    Slides, Photographs, Business Cards, etc.

Fixing Problem Jury Images     Art Show Images Tips

Wondermat    Flooring for Your Booth

Trimline by Flourish    Art Show Canopies and Accessories

Light Dome Canopies    Art Show Canopies and Accessories

EZ Pedestal     Booth Display/Pedestals

Hollywood Chairs    Booth Display Seating

Merchant Services    Setting up to Accept Credit Cards (This is the company I use, it's not the only one)

Museum Wax    Perfect for hold finials in Place when the fit loosens ever so slightly

Jury Slides    Jury Slides by Larry Sanders

Woodturning Organizations, Events, and Other Links

AAW    American Association of Woodturners

OVWG    Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild