Customer Gallery

This gallery includes the work of some customers whose craftsmanship or artistry I admire. All pictures are used with the permission of the respective owner. Do not copy or use without permission. Anyone is welcome to make submissions, but as this is not intended as a customer advertising page, I am the sole arbiter when it comes to deciding what to post here. Please don't be offended if I don't post a submission of your work.

  • Red Morrel Burl

  • Salmon Gum Burl

  • Greenstone Mallee Burl

  • York Gum Burl

  • Red Mallee Burl

  • Yorrel Burl

  • Salmon Gum Burl

  • York Gum Burl

  • Jarrah Burl Halfmoon Box

  • Red Morrel Burl Halfmoon Box

  • Red Morrel Burl Halfmoon Box

  • Lace Sheoak

  • Lace Sheoak

  • Lace Sheoak

  • Red Sox cap I commissioned for my Dad's 80th birthday. I also commissioned Hannes to make a St. Louis Cardinals cap for my Dad's twin brother.

  • "Apex"
    Photos by Jim Osborn

Kim Blatt

Harvey Fein

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James Bedwell

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Don Suiter

George Sotirakos

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Dave Heijboer

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Mike Mathieu

Lace Sheoak