Coming Soon Products

What is Coming Soon and How Does it Work?

With more than 16 years in business, my suppliers know me well by now. As arguably their biggest long term buyer, and having both the great business relationships and friendships we have, they know what I am looking for, and for years have been kind enough to send me pictures after de-barking, allowing me to choose first after harvesting trips and set pieces aside until I'm ready for shipment, giving me the opportunity to gauge interest and advertise during what could be 6 months before I take delivery. In turn I'm offering you the opportunity to (a) put your name on a piece(s) well in advance of arrival - with no money down (subject to my approval) - in return for your commitment to purchase or (b) the option to pre-purchase now - while a shipment is either still being assembled in Australia or in transit to the US - with the benefit of a 10% discount (with the same normal discounts I offer of either free shipping or 10% discount in lieu of free shipping for purchases over $350).

Once I've selected and posted items on my business Facebook page or here on my Coming Soon page, they are available for pre-order or pre-purchase. Again, no money down on pre-orders (and no discount for doing so), just a mutual understanding that
a pre-order is a commitment to purchase (subject to my approval) and that payment is due once I take delivery of the shipment and have your order ready to ship. I always post the expected arrival date well in advance, so please plan accordingly if you pre-order. Pre-purchasing requires payment now, earning you a 10% discount and helping my cash flow.

Shipment Status Notes

17 December 2020 . . . Committed to two beautiful large Jarrah slabs stored in a warehouse since 1984. I'd say they're dry. I'll be getting more pictures of what's been set aside for me after Christmas.

Once posted, every item is available for pre-purchase. Note the benefit of the
PRE-PURCHASE versus PRE-ORDER option. The pre-purchase discount is only available until I receive the shipment Pre-Arrival Notice (usually a week prior to the ship arriving in NY).

Product Code Legend

BELS - Birdseye Lace Sheoak
BM - Brown Mallee
BML - Black Morrel
BB - Bimblebox
BBX - Black Box
C - Concinna
CB - Coolibah
CBB - Cleland's Blackbutt
FG - Flooded Gum
GIM - Gimlet
GM - Giant Mallee
GSM - Greenstone Mallee
H - Horistes
IB - Iron Bark
JB - Jarrah
KM - Kingsmill Mallee
LS - Lace Sheoak
R - Rigidula
RFM - Corrugata
NRFM - Northern Corrugata
NYG - Northern York Gum
RB - Red Box
RBM - Ribbon Bark Mallee
RE - Red Mallee
RM - Red Morrel
RG - Red River Gum
RW - Aussie Redwood
S - Snappy Gum
SA - Salt Gum
SG - Salmon Gum
SR - Snap & Rattle
SW - Aussie Snakewood
VA - Vasticola
YB - Yellow Box
YG - York Gum
YOR - Yorrel
WTM - White Mallee
WM - Woodline Mallee
WW - Wheatbelt Wandoo

Please note that if dimensions are not annotated, I do not have them. All prices in USD. Credit Card payment option activated.

Shipment 2021-2 is is due in NY 6/30 with mid-July EDD (if no port delays)

Shipment 2021-2 is now due to arrive in NY on 6/10 (previously scheduled for 6/8). It is scheduled for x-ray and USDA exam so EDD as of 6/8 is TBD. Pre-purchase option is no longer available.