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Unlike some merchants who have sales every other week, I rarely do so, instead preferring to offer great products at reasonable cost, with incentives to buy more. On occasion, of course, it's necessary to move some product to keep inventory fresh or raise capital to fund additional purchases as opportunities arise. So, I plan to use this page to do just that in the rare event I have a sale.

04 January 2018

Because I did not get all Add to Cart buttons implemented on my new website and bugs worked out prior to my EOY sale, I will continue with a modified sale thru January with my goal remaining twofold: (1) move some overstock and select older inventory and (2) celebrate and test the implementation of e-commerce on my site by encouraging usage.So with those two goals in mind, here are "The Rules":

1. First (and importantly) my site is now secure so purchases may be made adding items to your Shopping Cart by pressing the Add to Cart button under each item you’re interested in. The Shopping Cart works across pages, so you can close it after adding an item and view anytime by clicking on the Shopping Cart icon (in the Menu bar). When you're done adding/removing items, click on the Shopping Cart icon and checkout using PayPal. I have turned off the Stripe feature until I can work through a software issue, but you may certainly designate you credit card as your default PayPal payment method (as I do)
2. Sale prices will remain in effect through midnight 1/31.
3. Sale prices will be reflected in the Shopping Cart. At any point prior to checking out you may delete items from your Shopping Cart.
4. Shopping Cart totals do NOT include shipping (if applicable) or discounts (i.e., 10% in lieu of FREE Shipping). Please see the explanatory notes on the Cart page by clicking on the Shopping Cart icon in the Top Bar of any web page on my site.
5. Orders eligible for a discount
(AK/HI/International orders over $350 discounted subtotal) will have discounts reflected in the supplemental e-invoice I send including shipping cost via Invoice2go app.
6. Shipping cost due on orders below the $350 threshold will be billed via supplemental e-invoice via Invoice2go app.
7. I will still accept email, text, phone, credit card orders.
8. I am not immune to making mistakes. If you notice a pricing mistake please let me know. And naturally, should you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

January 2018 Specials

Click on the blue links to go to the page directly

1. Red Mallee Burl . . . Up to 20% off . . . Discounts are reflected in the Shopping Cart. Add/remove items until you're ready to checkout.

2. Brown Mallee Burl . . . Up to 20% off . . . Discounts are reflected in the Shopping Cart. Add/remove items until you're ready to checkout.

2. Other Burl Caps . . . up to 30% off . . . Discounts reflected in Shopping Cart. Discounts for Red River Gum, Salmon Gum, Snap & Rattle, Yellow Box.

3. Cut Blocks . . . 10-40% off. Discounts reflected in Shopping Cart.
a. Bimblebox Burl Bowl Blanks - 45% off
b. Jarrah - 10% off
c. Red Mallee Burl - 25% off
d. Red Tingle Burl Bowl Blanks - 10% off
e. Salmon Gum - 20% off
f. Yellow Box Burl - 15% off

4. Aussie Hardwoods

a. Lace and Birdseye Lace Sheoak - up to 20% off
b. Birdseye Sugar Gum - 25 to 35% off
c. Miscellaneous (Birdseye Sydney Blue Gum) - 25% off

5. Table Bases

a. Burled Bases - up to 25% off
b. Aussie Cypress - 15% off
c. Aussie Snakewood - 35% off

6. Natural Burl Sculpture - 20 to 35% off

7. Burl Slabs

a. Small-Medium Burl Slabs - up to 20% off select slabs
b. Large Burl Slabs - up to 15% off select slabs